South Carolina LightRail (SCLR) is a collaborative project among Clemson University, the Medical University of South Carolina, and the University of South Carolina to support and enhance economic development, research, education and healthcare in South Carolina.

SCLR is envisioned as a public-private partnership to provide a broadband, high-speed optical network that will extend throughout the state and link to regional and national networks such as Southern Light Rail (SLR), National Lambda Rail (NLR), Internet2, and SURAgrid and TeraGrid.

Significant strategic planning support for SCLR has been provided by Health Sciences South Carolina. SCLR's implementation and operations partner is SCANA Communications.

South Carolina LightRail would not have been possible without funding support from the South Carolina General Assembly.

  1. Current Status of SC LightRail
    The three research universities engaged in extensive planning and due diligence for over two years, including site visits to similar research networking operations in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.